Call for participants from Italy, Spain, and Romania

Youth Exchange ,,Diversity Champions!’’ 18-26. May 2022. Novi Pazar, Serbia

Aim of the project: to explore and learn about diversity through and within sport. Project will have two main focuses – first one is the topic of diversity in general, while the second one is diversity through sport.
• To understand the concept of diversity better same as to provide space to explore own attitude towards diversity
• To learn directly about diversity through meeting peers from other country, discussions and learning from each other
• To reflect on importance of diversity and the challenges it faces around the world,
• To raise the awareness about different types of discrimination based on diversity
• To exchange experience and views and to create new strategies on how to enhance and support diversity
• To learn about different sports, how are the values related to diversity reflected in them and how sport can be used as a tool to enhance diversity and inclusion

Info pack downlad HERE: